Best Surprising Smells to Repel Texas Raccoons

Raccoons are commonly found in the urban and rural Arlington settings and they can be a pain in the neck sometimes. They are possible carrier of the rabies virus that can be transmitted to humans and pet through their bite and scratch. They may also carry parasites and microorganism that are major source of health concerns. They can create a huge mess while they are hunting their food. Dealing with the raccoon infestation can be frustrating especially if you lack the experience and knowledge. However, according to some, there are smells that can effectively drive away this nuisance creature.

Types of Smells That Can Repel Texas Raccoons

The Arlington repellents that are sold in the market today are meant to affect the sense of the raccoon. While we do not recommend the use of repellent due to the lack of scientific reports and study that supports it, there are still some people who experience a minimal success when using them. Here are some of the common scents that are used in the commercially-available repellents.


The spicy taste and scent of the pepper came from this compound. Some Texan people believe that raccoon hates the smell and the taste of hot pepper which makes it a potent ingredient on repellents. Before investing your hard-earned money for a bottle of repellent, you may want to create your homemade repellent first to determine if it will work for you. Simply mix one canister of hot pepper to a gallon of water. Add a bottle of hot sauce to increase its power. After thoroughly mixing it, spray it all over your garden. Remember that the scent of the capsaicin will immediately dissipate when used in an outdoor environment. Several applications are needed to enjoy the best possible result.


Before using ammonia to drive away the raccoon, you need to check if it is allowed in your community. Start by soaking the rags to the bottle of ammonia. Hang the rag at the entrance of their den. You should also spray ammonia on the path of the raccoon and on your trash can. You should also generously apply ammonia on the items that attract raccoon.


Our grandmother often uses mothballs to drive away the insect on our closet. When place in an outdoor environment, there are people who believe that it will be effective in getting rid of the raccoon. However, the chemicals that it releases will also be inhaled by the household members. The mothballs can also be accidentally ingested by the kids and your pets.

Urine of Their Predator

This type of smell is intended to trick the Arlington raccoons. By smelling the urine of their predator, they will think that there are enemies nearby that will immediately frighten them. These are generally sold in the sports section of the department stores. There are also different online retailers who will supply you with various types of urine repellents such as mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and wolves.

While we do not vouch for the efficacy of the repellents, some Texan people still prefer them since they are very convenient and easy to use.

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