4 Quickest Ways to Rid of Texas Rats - 3rd Will Surprise You!

The winter and the fall season is when the activity of the Arlington rodents will reach its peak. They will be trying to access our home in order to escape the dropping temperature. It is always essential to look for ways to rat proof your house. However, there are still times when they will manage to get inside the house. They have a destructive nature and they can carry zoonotic diseases. Therefore, you need to look for the fastest way to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of the Rats Fast

Rats can cause serious problem inside the Texas house. However, once you notice the sign of infestation, you might realize that you are facing a large scale infestation. You should not ignore your situation, or it will be too late for you to get rid of them. 

1. Finding the Arlington Rats

The first step on getting rid of the rat is to find them. Since they are nocturnal, they will mostly be active at night. They will not leave their den in the morning unless they will have to forage food. Therefore, you will not usually see them during the day. However, there are signs of their presence that can help you locate them.

  • Rub marks on the walls will manifest due to the constant rubbing of their fur on the walls. You may also notice some hair of the rats on their paths.
  • Nesting materials scattered on the floor such as feathers, dried leaves, fabrics, and papers.
  • Burrows on your yard
  • Signs of chewing on Texas wood materials and wire insulation.
  • Bizarre noises especially at night.
  • Rat droppings

  • 2. Using Rat Traps

    Traps can be a fast and convenient way to get rid of the Texas rat. It is also the cheapest rat removal method. You simply leave it on one corner of the house and check it regularly. You do not want to leave the traps unchecked since this can lead to different problems. For instance, the rat can slowly die from dehydration. The smell of the dead rat can be unbearable, and it will also attract the attention of other pests.

    3. Choosing the Bait

    To ensure that you can immediately catch the Texas rats, you will have to use bait that can attract their attention. Pet food can be a good option since it has a sweet and greasy scent that capture their interest. Dried meat, fruits and nuts can also be an excellent alternative. You can also cover the nuts with peanut butter if you want it to be more effective.

    4. Placement

    Placement of the bait and the trap is also important to guarantee that you will end the Arlington infestation at once. You will need to know what type of rat you are housing to know the best way to place the trap. For instance, if you have a roof rat, you should put the trap on the higher area of your house such as on the attic. If you have a Norway rat, you should place the trap on the walls and the dark areas of the house.

    By following this guide, you will be able to get rid of your problems fast. This can greatly minimize the Texas problems that you may encounter from the rat infestation.

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