Most Humane Ways to Rid of Arlington Squirrels While Sparing Their Lives

Despite of the adorable look of the Arlington squirrel, they have a reputation of being an urban pest. Squirrels are known for being invasive and can dwell in your properties for a very long time. They can virtually go undetected until the damages that they have done have become so significant. In this guide, we will discuss some simple ways on how you can get rid of these squirrels without killing them.

3 Non-Lethal Methods to Get Rid of the Texas Squirrels

The squirrels can cause a considerable damage to your property that can lead to expensive repairs. They have an inquisitive and curious nature and will explore every nook and corner of your house. They will feed on our vegetable garden and nibble on the foliage. Here are some ways to avoid the problems that can be caused by the squirrel.

Keep Your Yard Clean

If you want to prevent Texas squirrel infestation, it is best to start at your yard. There are various elements found here that can attract the interest of squirrels. In addition, it would be much easier to chase them away while they are not yet established in your attic. Sometimes, simple scare tactics will work against them. Keep your area clean and remove any possible food source of the squirrel. All the fallen nuts and fruits should be cleared. Food debris and crumbs should also be eliminated. This greatly reduce the food accessible to the squirrels. Check your trashcan and be sure that they are secured. Trim the shrubs and the branches that are adjacent to your trees. 

Look for the Arlington Squirrel's Entry Point

Once you take care of your outdoor, it is time to deal with the main structure. Inspect your house and look for any holes that the squirrels can use as an access hole. Cracks and openings in your structure can be used by this tiny creature to invade your house. Steel plate, hardware cloth, metal plate are the best materials to use in sealing the holes. In case the squirrels have already built their nest in your attic or other parts of your house, check if there are baby squirrels in the nest. If there is none, wait for the squirrels to go out for hunting before you seal the holes.

Using Live Traps

Live traps are humane method that allows you to solve your squirrel problem without any risks. Placement and the Texas bait should be taken into account when using a live trap. In addition, you want to make sure that there will be enough water inside to prevent the squirrel from dying due to dehydration. You should also check it at least once every 24 hours. You should not keep the squirrel inside the trap for an extended period. You need to relocate or release them at once. Just make sure that you are aware about the local regulation with regards to the relocation of the squirrels.

Finally, do not hesitate to inquire about the service of the Arlington professionals if you can't handle your squirrel problem yourself. They can determine the cause of the problem and stop the infestation immediately.

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